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Building tomorrow with the youth of today.



The Wilson County Civic League After School Tutorial Program was first instituted in the spring of 1994. The program was initially designed to provide 1 on 1 tutoring by volunteers that included local professionals and honor students. As enrollment increased, students began to work in groups of four. The program provided a positive outlet for inner-city youth, keeping them busy and off the streets. Our well-established program continues to thrive, now employing credentialed teachers and utilizing computer technology. Our program is available to all students in need of assistance.


Our mission is to promote academic excellence for disadvantaged youth by ensuring access to a much needed support system. We seek to provide educational services and mentoring to enhance intellectual development and overcome situations that threaten their sense of ability.


The W.C.C.L. Tutorial Program strives to become a growing, expanding, resource center for learning, thus creating positive youth empowerment through education.


Enrolling grades K-6, we believe that a solid foundation is the basis for success within the educational arena.


Through the school system and community outreach, we recruit students who are struggling with their assignments. While providing assistance, we identify and remedy deficiencies. Through educational services, mentoring, and field trips, hundreds of students have benefited from our services in many different ways.

Other Benefits

By increasing self-esteem and self-confidence, we target problems such as teen pregnancy and drug abuse.

Our organization offers scholarship funds to alumni of this program.

Our Staff

Our credentialed teachers are employed within the public school system, enabling them to identify students' needs. We also employ experienced teachers' aides and college students who qualify.


We encourage college students and qualified individuals seeking volunteer service to consider our program as a place to serve.

Our Goals

  • Students will demonstrate improvement in grades and performance.

  • Students will demonstrate improvement in respect and behavior.

  • Students will obtain high school and college diplomas.

  • Students will become productive members of society.


Our 10 week spring and fall programs meet twice weekly, providing 1-1/2 hour sessions. Our one-week summer program meets 4 hours a day. We enroll 20-25 students. 

 To Enroll


CALL 615-449-0719



Any donations are appreciated

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