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Children's Library


The objective of the Market Street Community Center Children's Library is to make accessible resources to the community by building a comprehensive library system that will be designated as a universal screener that offers tools to expand reading activities, assistance in transitioning to a digital classroom, and archives reading readiness.

Our Children's Library aspires to:

1. Empower our children to read.

2. Expand young minds  to adventure.

3. Foster the love of reading.

4. Provide library material through visual and audio equipment.

5. Maintain historical records and documents on the community.


Hours of Operation

Our library is open during our tutoring sessions, Summer Reading Program, and throughout

the year to meet the needs of local youth.  

We also provide library services to children who participate in the nutrition program provided by our local school system during the summer months.

Library Program

Our Summer Library Program is an extension of the Lebanon City Library Reading Program which provides incentive to students who complete reading a total of twenty books during the months of June and July. These students will receive free passes and armbands for free rides and admission to the Wilson County Fair.



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